Volunteer Info
● Volunteers should be Christians who are in agreement with basic Christian doctrine and values.
● Please familiarize yourself with the vision of the Burn 24-7.
● All involved are asked to attend the Burn, not just your shift. You will not fully grasp the beauty of a Burn if you are only around while you are on stage.  Please stay at least a few hours beyond (before or after) your committed service times!
● All volunteers should be dressed appropriately and modestly (see dress code below).
● If you will be late/absent, please notify the scheduled Burn shift leader as soon as you know.
Be respectful and edifying. Recognize that there will be people from various churches, denominations and Christian backgrounds. Please make sure you exercise your spiritual gifts in love so that all are edified... especially when leading and/or on the microphone.
Wage war with praise and worship. We realize that there will be a spiritual battle going on, and we will be waging spiritual warfare.  However, our focus will be on Jesus and using praise as our weapon. Lift up the name of Jesus and keep your eyes on Him! Rather than rebuking/binding things and casting things out, we will be calling forth God's plans and destiny over New Bern and surrounding areas.
● These are all volunteer positions/commitments to our community so no honorariums will be offered in most cases unless communicated otherwise. However, leaders with swag are welcome to set up merch tables and clearly labeled donation boxes (honor system) to supplement expenses and support their ministries (in most venues). Your involvement is helping us fulfill our mission – THANK YOU!

Dress Code for Volunteers
There are heart issues behind having a dress code, and it’s not just a list of rules for the sake of rules. When you get dressed, ask yourself if that’s what Jesus would pick out for you to wear. A struggle with lust is a serious and often debilitating thing. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we should care enough about each other to not make it more difficult than necessary. Please understand that the heart behind this is to see you living in a way that benefits both your relationship with God and others’ relationship with God. That being said, here are the guidelines that will be enforced for those volunteering:

- No underwear or midriff showing. Wear a belt if necessary and a shirt that is long enough.

- No cleavage. How you dress in your everyday life is between you and Jesus, but when you represent the Burn, you are not on display.
- No “short shorts” that could be distracting to others.
- No shirt cuts that show bra straps.
- No midriff showing [including when you’re dancing, jumping, or raising your hands during worship].
- No skirts above the knee, even loose ones. The tight ones are obvious and the loose ones fly up and show stuff if you move even a little bit during worship.
- No strapless tops or dresses.
- Be aware if your jeans come down when you kneel or bend over, and maybe wear some that don’t show your bottom. You could also fix this by wearing a long enough shirt.
- No skin tight clothing. If you’re technically covered but we can see your bra/underwear through your clothes, you really may as well just have shown up in your bra and underwear.
A Good Rule of Thumb: Stand in front of your mirror in the clothes you plan to wear and move around like you will during worship. If anything adjusts in a way that’s inappropriate, don’t wear it. Easy fix!
**LEADERS: it is your responsibility to share this information with the volunteers you ask to serve.  If they show up in something inappropriate, they will not be able to help you that night, and you’ll have to fill in yourself.**