We encourage intercessors to sign up with ENC247 for hours covered during the Burn and any other others to help cover our commUNITY in 24/7 prayer. You do not have to be present at the Burn to cover us in prayer but if you are available to physically join us, that would be ideal.

We ask that you pray/worship continuously during any time slots you sign up for. If you're physically at the Burn, try to position/posture yourself in a way to avoid unnecessary interruptions during your watch at the venue. Please stay in the main venue for awareness and flow with what is taking place as you intercede for more. You also may be asked to transition to a prayer/ministry team position if needed during that time frame (use discretion).

We encourage taking at least one hour breaks between each hour time slot you sign up for so you can refresh as necessary and engage in what is corporately stirring during the Burn. We do have intercessory booklets available at our events for those that would like a suggested corporate prayer outline to help guide you.