Shift Leaders

The shift leaders are ultimately responsible for all Burn operations during their shift.  They are to be overseers of the Burn during their shift.  All volunteers, worship leaders, sound techs, artists and intercessors report to you as needed.

1. Do not leave. Be present at the Burn for your entire shift.
2. Wear the Burn staff lanyard at all times.
3. Supervise. Make sure a shift leader walks around the various rooms in the facility every 30 minutes to make sure everything is running smoothly.  A shift leader will not be able to “get lost” in worship for hours, since they will need to be involved in supervising.  It may help to stay towards the back of the main room during your shift.
4. Deal with any unexpected crisis or problem. You are the leader so take charge, use discernment and use your best judgment.
5. Help with the transitions between worship leaders (see worship leader info).
6. Be available to pray with the worship leaders in the staging room 30 minutes prior to their set, especially if they are new.  Also make yourself available for debriefing/feedback after each band.
7. Be an unofficial “greeter”.  Say hey to people, smile and welcome people.  Be friendly.  If someone looks confused, ask if you can help. If they look new, strike up a conversation.  Obviously do not interrupt their worship if they are engaged.
8. Confront those who are being disruptive. Including: those not in the band going on stage, those on the microphone (longwinded, inappropriate, starting to preach, etc.), those being disruptive/distracting, excessive loudness, etc. If they will not correct behavior, you may ask them to leave. Use discernment, love, and your best judgment.