Host Venues

We regularly meet on the 4th Friday and/or Saturday of each month for extended hours of worship! We will occasionally launch out teams into our community to facilitate mini-Burns at various host venues (including tent ministry)!
Host venue requirements:
- Expect the presence of God!!! Build relationships with the leaders. Establish a host contact person to eliminate confusion.
- Make your facilities available to the Burn New Bern as we orchestrate worship teams from the region to pursue continuous worship.
- Preferably, sound system and basic equipment (drums, keys, mics, direct boxes, bass amp…etc) to already be set-up and available for all bands to use. This greatly reduces transition times between bands as we pursue continuous worship. Let us know what you have and we can adjust accordingly.
- Provide a clock clearly visible from stage area so artists can easily transition on a timely schedule.
- Provide someone to represent the venue at all hours for facilities/security/techy purposes.
- We would love it if each venue provided a worship team(s) and a sound tech(s) for a portion of the event, but it is not a requirement. Please let us know what you have to offer and the host venue will get first dibs on available time slots if requested 30 days prior to the event. *Note* - some bands will lock in time slots months in advance for logistics/planning purposes. That is a bonus perk for bands/venues that are willing to commit way in advance!
- Help advertise the event to our local communities.
- Have functional bathrooms stocked with toilet paper!!! Additional hospitality is considered a bonus!
- The Burn Director (Michael Thorsby) will be responsible to plan the logistics (worship teams, sound techs, shift leaders, intercessors, artists…etc.) so people from the host venue can focus on engaging in the Burn.

*NOTE*  All worship teams, shift/prayer leaders, artists, volunteers…etc. are non-paid and do not expect any sort of offering. The venue being the host is the offering to our community. However, to offset the expenses of ministry, we will allow artists to set up a small merch table (albums, books, art…etc.) near the entrance if available and allowed by the host venue. Artists are responsible to supervise or clearly mark if honor system applies. If the venue has a few folding tables, that would be helpful and we want to strategically place these away from the main event area to avoid distractions.

To help the bands plan appropriately, we will need host venues to provide the following information:
Drum Kits: Do you have one? Is it electric or acoustic? What brand is it? Is it mic’d? Is it enclosed? Are there any special considerations for drummers? Even though most kits have their own snare and cymbals, we usually encourage drummers to bring their own.
● Percussion: Do you have any available for general use?
● Keyboard: Do you have one? What brand is it? How many keys? Weighted or non-weighted keys?
Microphones: How many mics? What brand/type? Do you have mic/boom stands?
Acoustic guitars: Are there direct boxes they can plug into? Most will go direct, some will use personal amps.
Electric guitars: Electric guitarists typically need to bring all of their own equipment including amps, pedals, guitars & cables. Is there a microphone available (& what type?) to mic the amp or do you plan for them to plug direct?
Bass guitars: Is there a bass amp/cabinet available?
Monitors: Floor monitors or ear monitors? How many are available? Is the mix linked together in the sound board or are the monitors able to be adjusted individually?
Stage area: What are the preferred “stations” on stage or are you alright with letting each band adjust as needed? (For example: worship leader, lead guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, electric guitarist, bass guitarist… there may be more or less but you get the idea.)
Sound system: What is your board like? Regarding sound techs, are you providing sound techs throughout the event or do we need to schedule techs to cover?
● Are there any other special considerations?(i.e. venue is upstairs with no elevator, limited parking available, guard dog, etc.)