Awaken The Dawn - Tent America

Awaken The Dawn - Crystal Coast, 2517 Bridges St., Morehead City, NC

Mark your calendars to engage in 50 hours of continuous musical worship, prayer, and outreach under the Jesus Tent in Morehead City, NC. This is part of a larger movement with over 350+ tents in cities and college campus all over the nation connected with Awaken The Dawn (ATD) Tent America.Check out Awaken The Dawn - Crystal Coast Facebook event for more details!Click "going", "share", and "invite" others to help rally the troops!Please fill out the ATD volunteer form for logistical purposes and other volunteer opportunities. Please see the schedule to view availability and email thorsby@theburn247.com to request a time slot to serve as a worship leader, sound tech, artist, and/or shift leader! Intercessors (on mic) sign up through the volunteer form and all other intercessors (off mic) that want to cover 1hr slots either at the tent or remotely (before, during, or after the event) can sign themselves up at Craven24Seven. 4hr blocks preferred for sound techs/shift leaders.Location - Awaken The Dawn - Crystal Coast (Morehead City, NC)-Worship Leaders - Select a 1hr, 2hr, or 1hr with the 2nd hour instrumental and or harp & bowl with a scheduled intercessor leading (as the Lord directs).-Instrumentalists - You're welcome to claim a 1hr slot to accompany intercessors if not claimed/scheduled by an adjacent worship leader.-Intercessors (on the mic/stage) - scheduled with instrumental accompaniment and/or pre-recorded background music.-11pm-7am will most likely be reduced volume and/or unplugged to honor sound ordinances/neighbors.*Full or at least multi-member band preferred in the 5-11pm slots (NO DRUMS available). Limited sound system.?=Slot(s) AvailableThis is an awesome opportunity to corporately minister to the Lord through worship & prayer, soak in His presence, get refreshed and build relationships with those ministering in our community.