Burn 24-7 New Bern - ENC247

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This month we'll essentially be doing a virtual Burn but not together! We're asking everyone to sign up with ENC247 at https://fieryremnant.com/sign-up to take at least an hour watch to pray and/or worship on your own individually or with others (privately or publicly). If you anticipate that you will "go live" on Facebook or if you're gathering others for a public event, simply put a few details/links in the notes when you sign up (like FB Live @ or PUBLIC event @ ). Our goal is to at least fill the 12 hours of the Burn but feel free to sign up at other times as well. It's fine to have multiple people covering the same hour(s). We would love for this to catapult everyone to begin making a weekly commitment to covering at least ONE hour per week. If you have a free SignUpGenius account, it's easier to see what you've signed up for, modify, set reminders...etc. Let's do this...

General Burn details @ www.burnnewbern.com

Burn Event Details/Discussion @ www.facebook.com/burnnewbern/events