Want to help support Burn 24-7 New Bern by sowing financially?
Burn New Bern is operating as a branch of Fiery Remnant Ministries.
See Fiery Remnant for tax-deductible one-time and recurring donation options to sow directly into our mission(s)!

Burn New Bern is covered under the leadership of:
Michael & Sara Thorsby (Burn 24-7 New Bern Directors)
Zac Hagerty (Mid-Atlantic Regional Burn Director)
Matthew Lilley (US National Burn Director)
Sean Feucht (Burn 24-7 Founder)
Burn 24-7 (Global Movement) (501(c)(3) General Donation)
(Earmark "On behalf of Burn 24-7 New Bern, NC" if desired)
Burn New Bern will also be impacted in some form or fashion by donations or merchandise purchases to any of these.
We're all kingdom family!!!

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