Hello Burn CommUNITY!!!

We had a great time pouring out an offering of praise last month under the Mission Xtreme tent on the New Bern Faith property. "How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity." The Lord is stretching us in various ways but we recognize that He is preparing us for what is to come. We don't back off when we get pushback, we push harder when we're confident that the Lord has called us to do something! This is an adventurous season and we are excited and privileged knowing that we GET to do this together!!!

We will continue partnering with Mission Xtreme for a season of tent meetings this fall!!! We will host a few of our regular 4th Friday Burns at the MX Tent as well and getting behind them as a Burn community to support as needed at other unofficial Burn times. These tent meetings are a collaborative effort among local ministries to ultimately build "the Kingdom" beyond any one specific ministry. The Mission Xtreme tent will be set up in various locations throughout our community for several days, weeks or months for prayer/worship meetings... see Mission Xtreme wesbite and/or facebook for more details.

**Please note: there will be no scheduled Burns in November or December. We encourage everyone to put their efforts during these months into partnering with the Mission Xtreme tent as well as worshipping with your family and local ministries.**

Oct 28-31st. We are planning for 77 hours of worship & prayer under a tent in downtown New Bern. We need ALL HANDS ON DECK from local ministries and beyond! If you are interested in serving as a worship leader, sound tech, intercessor, guest minister, artist and/or shift leader, please see Burn calendar for available time slots and email thorsby@theburn247.com to request a time slot. We will strategically be mixing in guest ministers so that we can minister to the Lord and to the people He draws in as we pour out an incense of praise. We need people to serve but we also want people to let this be a time of refreshing. We want apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, preachers, worship leaders, moms, dads, families...etc to come and get filled up so they can pour out in our community as the Lord leads them. We encourage everyone to prayerfully consider engaging for extended amounts of time... especially during the night watch!

We recognize that at the Burn, we're all worshipping together and really trying to focus all our awareness on God's Presence. We realize that it's tough to make space for building relationships in that context, and that's why we encourage everyone to come out to the Burn Community Group (BCG) on Monday nights. Our heart is to build relationships and future leaders through discipleship. We typically start the evenings with relational ministry and breaking bread (pot-luck style) and finish with teaching/worship/encounter as the Lord leads. If you would like to join us for BCG, please email thorsby@theburn247.com and we will give you more details.
Upcoming Burn Events:
Sept 5th - NO Burn Community Group (BCG)
Sept 12th - (6:30pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Sept 19th - (6:30pm-8pm) BCG/preBurn - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Sept 23-24th - Regional Burn Summit/The Drop Conference (Falcon, NC) (No BNB)
Sept 26th - (6:30pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Oct 3rd - (6:30pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Oct 10th - (6:30pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Oct 17th - (6:30pm-8pm) BCG/preBurn - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Oct 21-23rd - Intimacy Weekend @ Lion Of Judah Worship Grounds (Trenton, NC)
Oct 24th - (6:30pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Oct 28-31st - Burn New Bern/MX Tent - (New Bern, NC)
Oct 31st - (6:30pm-8pm) NO Burn Community Group (BCG) - Meet @ Tent Meeting
Nov 25th - No 4th Friday Burn
Dec 23rd - No 4th Friday Burn - Celebrate Jesus!!!

See current schedule and event details at Burn New Bern and Facebook sites.
Share our facebook events with friends and help spread the FIRE!!!

Would you please consider partnering with the Craven24Seven prayer initiative? Sign up (as an individual or on behalf of a group) for one hour intercession and/or worship time slots. Every hour that is covered is one step closer to 24/7 prayer in Eastern NC. We need YOU to sign up and take action!!! We have opened up a prayer room @ TJ's CAVE from 6am-9am (Mon-Sat) to make a place available for our commUNITY. Grab a cup of coffee @ TJ's Cafe to help you sustain, and utilize the 600 square foot room to soak, pray, study, banners...etc!!!

I can't give an offering from that which costs me nothing...

Michael Thorsby

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