Hello Fiery Friends!

SHIFT!  I feel that is a vital word in this season for our commUNITY!  There is a shift taking place with more to come as we contend for our city and beyond.  There is a shift in the atmosphere as we relentlessly pursue the presence of God.  There is a shift that will be taking place individually and corporately and I encourage you to "prepare the fields for rain".  The remnant of fiery Jesus lovers in this region have this audacious idea that our efforts to restore the Tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11) will actually make a difference... and I agree.  God hears our prayers and our battle cry is not returning void.  We are cumulatively covering day and night worship and prayer all over the land and this is just our local portion and expression.  This isn't a ministry of convenience but a priestly ministry of love!

Craven24Seven - please consider signing up for one hour intercession and/or worship slots as an individual or group to help cover our county 24/7.

We love unity!  Every month we see churches/ministries represented in double digits coming together to minister to the Lord and contend for our cities.  We may have different expressions, different dogma and even different musical tastes but one thing is for sure... we are focused on ONE THING (Psalm 27:4)!  Taste and see...

Check out our latest Burn BLOG!

We are always looking to expand our Burn team.  If you are interested in serving as a worship leader, artist, sound tech, shift leader or intercessor, please see www.burnnewbern.com for basic volunteer info and contact thorsby@theburn247.com to be considered as part of our team!

Burn T-Shirts are now available at our events and online for $20.  We also have other merch available (CDs, paintings...etc) that was created by some of the Burn artists which helps support TJ's CAVE (Burn Host).  Visit TJ's CAVE store or online!

Upcoming Burn events @ TJ's CAVE/The Oasis from 7pm-7am:
Sept 25/26th
Oct 23/24th
Nov 27/28th
Dec - No BURN

Rock it! - Michael Thorsby (Burn Director)

P.S. Just a few of many event dates to note and get involved with:
Sept 11, 2015 - David's Tent DC - 424 days of worship & prayer near the White House!
Sept 13, 2015 - Burn 24-7 Field Training - 11 month online course to train & equip!

Sept 13-23, 2015 - Ignite Wilmington - 10 days of worship & prayer!
Sept 26, 2015 - The Response - Charlotte Convention Center
Oct 30/31, 2015 - Greenville Conference... details coming soon