Burn New Bern Family,

In the September monthly newsletter, I mentioned a "SHIFT" taking place in this season.  This is becoming even more evident in various areas individually and corporately and we must prepare our hearts and our flesh to recognize the significance of the times we are living in.  There is a divine realignment taking place as part of this shift.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing although often uncomfortable as we move from something that may seem "good" to something God is catapulting us into that is often out of our comfort zone.  We are entering into a season where what has been done in the past will not be sufficient going forward.  Paradigm shifts will be necessary to embrace a movement being pioneered that doesn't fit into many of our western culture ministry models (think square peg/round hole).  Pioneers are being raised up to plow in strategic territories filled with dry bones (think Ezekiel 37) and they will be fighting attacks from many directions.  They are looking for those willing and strong enough to plow with them and/or support them in various roles as there is tremendous power in unity.  There will be a message of love trumpeted throughout the land but it won't be the hyper-grace/superficial type of love many desire and seek.  This won't be a warm-fluffy message that we are accustomed to but a message of truth, practicality and reality that will ultimately breathe new life into these bones for long-term sustainment (think John 14:15 mentality).

Sorry... I wasn't intending to get all preachy in this message but when the Lord is burning corporate words on my heart, I must be obedient to release in a timely fashion.  Just to clarify, this isn't an anti-church/anti-establishment message.  As a Burn ministry, our heart is to close the gap between the para-church and traditional-church models to ultimately operate in unity.  Our heart behind the Burn is to invest, engage and encounter as we passionately pursue the presence of God and take that fresh fire we individually and corporately experience back to our local church expressions to release any fresh anointings flowing for this season.  In this season of shift, God CAN use structures and leaders already in place that are firmly grounded to house powerful moves of God but He may choose otherwise.  There is something very powerful that happens when leaders are FULLY submitted to the authority of God and purposefully come together for commUNITY.  I encourage those leading in various roles to occasionally step away from your vision to observe and engage in how God is moving in the broader commUNITY.

Prayer is a mighty weapon of warfare. Please consider signing up for one hour intercession and/or worship slots as an individual or group to help cover our county 24/7 - Craven24Seven

We love unity!  At the last Burn, the first 5 hours of bands were collaborative efforts representing multiple area ministries.  The presence of the Lord was thick and testimonies of breakthrough are still surfacing.  Check out our latest Burn BLOG for a recap of last month.

We are always looking to expand our Burn team.  If you are interested in serving as a worship leader, artist, sound tech, shift leader or intercessor, please see www.burnnewbern.com for basic volunteer info and contact thorsby@theburn247.com to be considered as part of our team!

Burn T-Shirts are now available at the TJ's CAVE store and online for $20.

Upcoming Burn events @ TJ's CAVE/The Oasis from 7pm-7am:
Oct 23/24th
Nov 27/28th
Dec - No BURN

Getting Blasted! - Michael Thorsby (Burn Director)

P.S. Just a few of the many Burn related events to get involved with:
Sept 11, 2015-Nov 8, 2016 - David's Tent DC - Over 400 days of 24-7 worship & prayer near the White House!
Oct 30-31, 2015 - Phenomenon Conference
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