Hello Burn CommUNITY!

This is an exciting season we are living in!  We are so encouraged and filled with hope when we have the opportunity to plow with those in our Burn tribe.  When you're there, it's noticed... and appreciated.  When you're gone, it's noticed... and you're missed.  When we're all together at the same place & time, it's like family at Thanksgiving dinner.  It may get a little crazy at times, we may all have different expressions and preferences, but at the end of the day we're better together!  I love the idea of Jesus lovers willing to lay down building their kingdom for a limited time to engage in occasional corporate efforts to build THE KINGDOM which ultimately results in more people/resources being built up, set on fire and sent back out in our commUNITY to fulfill the calling the Lord has on the local expressions.  There is nothing wrong with building what the Lord has called us to do (our "kingdoms") as long as we prioritize building THE KINGDOM above all else.  The great commission is accomplished through both our individual and corporate callings and expressions so let's keep the fire burning!!!  It was never a "come and see" commission but a "go and tell" commission.  Engage. Encounter. Impart.

I am encouraged as I hear of victories and breakthrough in our commUNITY/region and I am reminded that our individual expressions have a larger impact than we often realize.  I am encouraged to know that the efforts and prayers from one expression often impact other expressions.  I'm reminded often as I hear testimonies that our labors are not in vain.  I say this to encourage and motivate you to keep pressing in.  What God has called you to do may seem insignificant in the bigger picture but I encourage you to pursue that calling with excellence.  It's not about you, but what God can do through you!!!

We strongly encourage our Burn commUNITY to engage with Craven24Seven.  We need YOU to sign up for one hour intercession and/or worship time slots.  Don't be discouraged if you only see a few people signed up.  Every hour that is covered is one step closer to 24/7.

If you are interested in serving at Burn New Bern as a worship leader, artist, shift leader, sound tech or intercessor, please contact thorsby@theburn247.com to be considered as part of our team.  We strongly recommend attending preBurn meetings.

Upcoming Burn Events @ TJ's CAVE:
Nov 8th (6-8pm) preBurn (all current/future servants welcome)
Nov 27th/28th (7pm-7am)
Dec - No BURN

We recognize that many people may be traveling and celebrating Thanksgiving but we can't think of a better way to give thanks than spending 12 continuous hours of worship and prayer!  He is worthy of it ALL!  Whether 1 or 1000, we're going for it!!!

See our current schedule and events at Burn New Bern and Facebook. Share with friends!

With a thankful heart! - Michael Thorsby (Burn Director)