Hello Burning Ones,

"We're not focused on having a hyped up event that fizzles upon completion. We're focused on lavishing our love on the Father that results in an extended lifestyle of worship with long-term sustainment." - Michael Thorsby <<< This is what I wrote last month and it keeps resounding in my mind. Too often people fizzle out and follow the hype but God is looking for those who are willing to put their hands to the plow and stay faithful for the long haul. How are we measuring up individually and corporately?

This Burn last month was amazing! We haven't had time to write a blog recap yet. We're still processing. If someone would like to volunteer to be a guest blogger... holla! It's nice to hear other perspectives. Falling on the heels of a 40 day prayer and fasting event, our praise and His Presence were woven together into a sweet tapestry! To break the fast with nearly 20 people at 6am after some of us had been there for over 12 hours was icing on the cake! God is good... and food is too!!! Let's not let that momentum stop!

As mentioned before, we felt the Lord calling us to "set up camp outside of the walls of the city" for a season to prepare our army. We feel the time has come to shift the location of our operations. We're not exactly sure what that will look like yet, but we know that our June Burn will be our last one at TJ's CAVE -- at least on a regular basis. We are prayerfully considering a lot of options available to us (and some that aren't available YET). We're not sure if God is going to (ideally) provide another neutral facility in New Bern/James City area, go back to a traveling Burn, possibly some tent meetings or a mixture of all of these! We have our preferences but we're trying to be obedient and we're praying for clarity on every move we make. There will be no 4th Fri/Sat Burn in July as we will be partnering with Burn Greenville & The Boiler Room for an "Alabaster" event at the beginning of the month and a Global Burn Summit at the end of the month. See calendar for details. Let's pack out the last Burn at TJ's CAVE this month and finish this season strong!!!

Michael & Sara Thorsby (Burn Directors) are dedicating Monday nights for a Burn Community Group (BCG) for anyone interested. Our heart is to build relationships and future leaders through discipleship. We'll most likely start the evenings with relational ministry and breaking bread (pot-luck style) and finish with teaching/worship/encounter as the Lord leads. If you would like to join us for BCG, please email thorsby@theburn247.com and we will give you more details.
Upcoming Burn Events:
Jun 6th - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Jun 13th - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Jun 20th - (6pm-8pm) preBurn/BCG @ The Hobbit House
Jun 24th - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (doors open at 6pm) @ TJ's CAVE
Jun 27th - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Jul 4th -  NO Burn Community Group - Enjoy celebrating our FREEDOM!!!
Jul 8th/9th - Burn Greenville @ The Boiler Room (Alabaster)
Jul 11th - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Jul 18th - (6pm-8pm) preBurn/BCG @ The Hobbit House
Jul 22nd - NO Burn New Bern (joining forces with Burn Greenville July 8th/9th)
Jul 25th - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Jul 28-30 - Global Burn Summit (VA) - Burn Ministry Team Members (invite only)
Jul 29-30 - Tenacious Love (VA) - Burn Family (open to the public)
Sep 23-24 - Regional Burn Summit/The Drop Conference (Falcon, NC)

Our 40 Day Prayer & Fasting event was without question the right timing! We had over 140+ entries logged in the journal, covering well over 160+ hours of prayer just in the Prayer Room alone. That's not counting the countless amount of people that participated with us from their secret place and/or place of ministry. There was a ton of spiritual warfare that surrounded those 40 days but there were a ton of victories and testimonies as well... including a scoliosis healing and people literally walking by the Prayer Room and feeling the Presence of God so strong that it caught them off guard. There is such power in prayer, and the impacts will far outlast the initial efforts invested. We decided that we would like to keep the Prayer Room going somehow, so the Lord put it on our heart to open the Prayer Room in conjunction with TJ's Cafe on Mon-Sat from 6am-9am. You'll have an entire 600 square foot room to soak, pray, study...etc and can grab a cup of coffee next door to help you sustain!!!

We STRONGLY encourage our Burn commUNITY to engage with Craven24Seven. Sign up (as an individual or on behalf of a group) for one hour intercession and/or worship time slots. Don't be discouraged if you only see a few people signed up. Every hour that is covered is one step closer to 24/7. We've covered hundreds of hours of prayer over the last year and we are charging for MORE!!! Please don't assume someone else will cover the hours. We need YOU to sign up and take action!!!

If you are interested in serving at Burn New Bern as a worship leader, artist, shift leader, sound tech or intercessor, please see our calendar for availability and contact thorsby@theburn247.com to request a time slot and be part of our ministry team. We encourage everyone to prayerfully consider engaging for extended amounts of time... especially during the night watch! Pillows and blankets are welcomed for "sloaking" purposes!!!

We invite and encourage anyone that is interested in serving as part of the Burn ministry team to join us for preBurns on 3rd Mondays each month. All leaders who are signed up to serve are expected to be there. See BNB facebook events for details and let us know if you will be joining forces with us for logistical purposes!!!
See current schedule and events at Burn New Bern and Facebook. Share with friends!

He is worthy of it all...

Michael Thorsby