Hello World Changers!

We all tend to roll our eyes when people talk about the new year, resolutions, fresh start...etc. It may seem a bit cliche but I really like the idea of a refreshing of sorts and letting our western culture calendar year be the benchmark. It's rarely a bad idea to reflect on our season(s) and adjust accordingly if needed. Sometimes just hitting the RESET button is necessary to get us in gear! Whatever works for you as long as you're seeing forward progress! Note - you don't have to wait until a new year to get your mess together... every day is a new day. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Would you like a recap of 2016? Too bad! You can look back at our previous newsletters/blogs and just show up for every hour of every Burn gathering so you won't have to worry about missing anything!!! Seriously though... it was an amazing year and He is worthy of it ALL!!!

What's on the agenda for Burn New Bern in 2017? I'm glad you asked! We will continue partnering with Mission Xtreme (MX) for a season of tent meetings!!! We're committing to hosting our 4th Friday Burns wherever the tent is located for the next few months (at least through March but possibly longer). Scott Murphy (Mission Xtreme) is coordinating tent logistics and Michael Thorsby will coordinate 4th Friday Burn logistics. The tent may be up for extended amounts of time beyond the 4th Friday gatherings and if our Burn community can assist, that would be a much appreciated bonus! We joined forces this fall to host a few of our regular 4th Friday Burns at the MX Tent and the tent pegs have been expanded... literally. The Lord has provided a bigger tent, bigger trailer, staging...etc with a bigger need for manpower to maximize stewardship. We encourage the BNB community to stay engaged and support the vision. MX is also looking to build a set-up/tear-down team for the tent if you're interested/available. These tent meetings are a collaborative effort among local ministries to ultimately build "the Kingdom" beyond any one specific ministry.

We've spent a season (1 year) doing mobile Burns in various venues/churches all around the city, a season (1 year) in a neutral facility (TJ's CAVE) outside the walls of the city and a season of outdoor tent meetings (most likely 1 year) in and around the city. Our next goal is to return back to a neutral facility in the James City/New Bern area as the Lord leads. We welcome your prayers as we pray for logistical favor, finances and resources to confirm our next home.

We recognize that at the Burn gatherings, we're all worshipping together and really trying to focus all our awareness on God's Presence. We realize that it's tough to make space for building relationships in that context, and that's why we encourage everyone to come out to the Burn Community Group (BCG) on Monday nights. Our heart is to build relationships and future leaders through discipleship. We typically start the evenings with relational ministry and breaking bread (pot-luck style) and finish with teaching/worship/encounter as the Lord leads. If you would like to join us for BCG, please email thorsby@theburn247.com and we will give you more details.
Upcoming Events:
Jan 9th - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Jan 16th - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Jan 23rd - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Jan 27th - (5pm-1am) Burn New Bern @ Mission Xtreme Tent - Trenton, NC
Jan 28th-30th - (5pm-10pm) Mission Xtreme Tent - Trenton, NC
Jan 30th - No BCG @ The Hobbit House - Meet at MX Tent
Feb 24th - (5pm-1am) Burn New Bern @ Mission Xtreme Tent - (Havelock,NC???)
Mar 24th - (5pm-1am) Burn New Bern @ Mission Xtreme Tent - (Pamlico County,NC???)
Apr 16th - Easter Service @ Mission Xtreme Tent @ Cove City, NC
Jul 27-29 - Burn 24-7 Global Burn Summit (Leaders) @ Life Church (Washington, PA)
Oct 6-9 - Awaken The Dawn - 50 Tent City @ National Mall (DC)

See current schedule and event details at Burn New Bern and Facebook sites.
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Let your FIRE burn bright this year!

Michael Thorsby

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P.S. If you are praying for extended amounts of time, would you please consider partnering with the Craven24Seven prayer initiative? Sign up (as an individual or on behalf of a group) for one hour intercession and/or worship time slots. Every hour that is covered is one step closer to 24/7 prayer in Eastern NC. We need YOU to sign up and take action!!! We only need 168 of the 100,000+ Craven County residents to commit to covering one hour per week to accomplish 24/7! Will YOU be one of the prayer warriors???