Catapult - Weapons Of Warfare - Oct 28th-31st

Hello Fiery Jesus Lovers!!! We are so excited about this strategic gathering that God is orchestrating! Burn New Bern & Mission Xtreme have partnered up to host this gathering but we have local, regional and international ministers joining forces with us to let an incense of praise rise from our community and impact His people!

Whether there are 2 or 2000 gathered at various times, our focus is an audience of One! Most of the gathering will have a vertical focus (ministering to the Lord through music & intercession) but we'll also be adding in guest speakers with a horizontal focus (ministering to the people). By default, our horizontal and vertical focuses will overlap as we engage and encounter the living God! Fill us up Lord so we can pour out!

Prime time is 6-11pm nightly but there will be something going on for the entire 77 hours such as: intercession, musical worship, guest speakers, scripture reading, outreach, prayer walks, providing for the needy...etc. We will have guest speakers at 12pm, 7pm & 9pm daily.

We will have communion at 8pm every night. We would also like to take time to pray over various groups of people at that time. See the Facebook Event for details.

How can you help? Glad you asked...

-SHOW UP as often as possible and bring your friends and family!!!

-Share the gathering with your friends & local ministries (Facebook Event).

-We are still looking for worship leaders, artists (painting/flags...etc), sound techs, shift leaders & intercessors to commit to serving with us. If interested, please see for availability and email to request time slots.

-Prayerfully - Intercessors will sign up on Craven24Seven (you do not have to be present at tent... but prefer local engagement if possible). With various prayer initiatives going on locally, we have over 1000 hours of prayer coverage documented through Craven24Seven for Oct/Nov! That's AMAZING!!! Don't stop there! Let's fill EVERY hour with the goal of having 24/7 coverage for Eastern North Carolina! If we can get people to commit to signing up for at least ONE hour per week, this is reasonably attainable!

-Financially - There are many logistical expenses associated with this gathering that Burn New Bern (via TJ's) & Mission Xtreme are covering. All of our guest ministers are volunteering but we would love to be able to provide an honorarium if finances allow... especially for out of town leaders. Please contact Scott Murphy @ if you are able to assist with finances!

-Serving The Community - If you or your organization feel led to serve lunch (12:00) or dinner (6:00) to the community and/or provide for those in need in some way (Hurricane Matthew assistance, local needs...etc), please contact Scott Murphy @ to discuss options.

"I can't give an offering from that which costs me nothing."

Blessings!!! We'll see you under the tent!

Michael Thorsby