Hello Burn New Bern commUNITY!

We had a much smaller turnout of people this month, but God was still faithful to show up in a big way! For most of the night we had around a dozen people, and it was a sweet, intimate time of worship for us all. The CAVE was a ‘prepared place’ since the conference room has been open since April 18th as a prayer room from 6:00AM to 6:00PM daily. Some of us are also in the midst of 40 days of prayer and fasting and our hearts were a ‘prepared place’ in a different way than before. It felt like we were all able to jump right in, completely unhindered! Here’s what some of our Burn crew have to say about their experiences at our most recent Burn:

“Our family felt it was a reset for the Burn in general. It felt real, raw, like getting back to the heart of worship. It was refreshing. It was just the core group of leadership so we really could just worship. There was no show, just worship.” – Joshua & Tina DuBois

“…We were both surprised again at God's ability to move powerfully and unexpectedly through His people. Even with just the few people there He brought forth great testimony, healing and new songs!” – Matt & Mary-Hannah Johnson

“There was certainly and atmospheric shift at the venue as it had been saturated with prayer all week since starting 40 days of commUNITY prayer and fasting. The first band of the night hit the ground running with a constant flow all night. This was one of my favorite Burns…” - Michael Thorsby

“For myself I had been feeling like I was reaching out to God; I was reading my Bible, singing, praying but that night God got me to listen! He started a process of breaking things in me I didn't realize were there and to draw me closer to His heart by taking the time to just be still and listen to Him.” – Mary-Hannah Johnson

Of course we want as many people as possible to come and worship together corporately, and marinate in the Presence of God, and experience lasting change. However, it was still such a special and unique time with just a few of us! We will not despise the small gatherings because (in the words of the Burn 24-7 director’ s wife, Kate Feucht) “God uses the inadequate to do the impossible.”

We want to see all hands on deck at the next Burn (May 27th at 7pm), and we encourage you to create a ‘prepared place’ in your heart so that you can experience God’s Presence like never before! We’ll be ‘breaking the fast’ at 6am on the morning of May 28th… details are TBD, but we’re pretty certain there will be some sort of fast-breaking breakfast celebrations during that last hour! What if you stayed the whole night, filling up your spirit with throne-room refreshing for hours, and then filling up on breakfast and community for the last hour? Mark your calendar now!