"What a blessing.” That is literally my thought every time I leave the burn. It is a blessing to be in a place where Holy Spirit is honored and allowed to flow. It is a blessing to be in a country that still embraces religious freedoms. It is also a blessing to partner with so many different people from so many different paths of life, and churches in our area for the sole purpose of lifting Jesus up! But it is always in perspective of the fact that we are blessed so we can in turn BE a blessing to someone else. God is calling us out in these days to be the hands and feet and to bless the country, state, town, and neighborhoods we live in!

Here are some of the Highlights from this month’s burn:

- The first 5 hours were led by collaborative bands (meaning, bands whose members represent various churches or ministries)

- Many prophetic words have been shared about minimizing distractions. There were multiple people that said they felt an atmospheric shift as we came together for a focused worship time this month!

- We spent the last 4 hours of the burn corporately soaking in the Presence of God.

- The Creation Station was a huge hit with Abba's kids of all ages! We love that young or old there is a place for everyone to be creative with the inspiration of their creator!

As always, if you have any pictures or video clips (OR testimonies) they can can be sent to media@burnnewbern.com and we will get them shared on social media & the website.

So when you are trying to decide what to do next month after the “Turkey Hangover” wears off just remember that if you need a blessing there is always one to be had at Burn New Bern.

From one blessing to another,
Brittany Thompson