We had the privilege of celebrating the one year anniversary of Burn New Bern this month.  It only seemed fitting to have a good old fashioned pot-luck dinner to kick it off... and it was quite yummy!  The house was packed for many hours with over 100 people filtering through and still plowing with over a dozen in the night watch hours.  As we pressed in to minister to the Lord through this priestly ministry, we were ministered to as well by default.  We truly believe and contend for a shift in the atmosphere in our community as we welcome the Holy Spirit to dwell in the midst of us and press in for more.

These testimonies stood out to me as a reminder of revelation that comes from soaking in His presence:

"Last night was absolutely phenomenal. I felt like I really was connecting with the Father on a whole new level.  I was just waiting on a chariot of fire to swoop down and come pick me up like Elijah.  There is something very special about the people who sing at these burns.  They all have a very unique calling on their life to bring praise to the Lord.  I especially love seeing the Lord using the very young people...  Their voices and prophetic worship draw me into the Presence of God like I have never ever felt before...  Every single time I leave the burn, I literally feel like I have been sitting in Papa's lap in the Throne Room for hours and hours on end.  You guys do a phenomenal job.  I can't wait to see this become a 24-7 event. I will be there every single night.  God bless you and please continue to keep up the good work.  Love you guys sooo much." - Todd Ferebee

"You know, since the Burn last Friday at Havelock, God has really impressed on my heart the idea of rejoicing and joy.  We as believers tend to focus on the specific parts of the fruit of the Spirit, all the while our fruit of joy laying on the ground rotten and unpruned....." - Josiah Trombley (see his facebook for the rest of the story).

You never know what the Lord may reveal to us individually and/or corporately at these events.  The only way to find out is to show up and make yourself available...