"Love of God, overflow... permeate all my soul!" We believe that God is a good Father and when we ask Him to pour out His Spirit, He is faithful to do just that! We had an amazing time at the August Burn and want to share a few updates of how God is overflowing heaven onto earth.

One of the byproducts of gathering corporately at the Burn is that we often experience corporate breakthrough. But during the Burn you may also see people on their face before God, journaling, dancing, or singing their own new songs... experiencing personal breakthrough!  One of the testimonies from this past Burn came from a fellow worshiper who said she couldn't stop shaking and had never experienced this before.  She later explained, "God shook me to my very core and said 'Everything that can be shaken will be shaken' (in me). The vibrations of the frequencies of the music went right into me and some junk went on out of me...Praise God!"  While our main objective is to give an extravagant offering of love and worship to our King, we also take His hand and partner with Him to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven... in the lives of individuals as well as in the bride of Christ, our city, our region, and the nations.

We also want to encourage an outpouring of creativity from everyone - not just musicians, artists, dancers, etc. We are made in the image of the creator and we each have a role to play in releasing creativity.  This month, we introduced the "creation station" which is an area at the Burn where anyone can help themselves to colored pencils, watercolors, markers, and crayons and release the creativity inside of themselves! The inspiration can come from many directions: maybe God gave someone a vision or a prophetic word and they need to release it in picture form.  Maybe someone wants to draw a picture for their Abba! (What parent doesn't love getting homemade creations from their child!)  We witnessed kids as well as adults jump in on this, and we look forward to seeing the many ways God will use this to release people into their creative destinies!

Part of our heart as a Burn commUNITY is to encourage each person to release their unique sound.  God has put an indigenous sound in this region and we are looking to encourage the release of a diverse sound at the Burn!  We never want someone to say "my style wouldn't fit here" as a reason to not jump in. We fully believe that God is worthy of all genres and expressions. So... whether it's gospel, funk, mixing, dub-step, rap, rock.... Jesus is worthy of it all and we want to give it all to Him!  That being said, if you know of any musicians who are interested in worshiping with us at the Burn, please have them contact thorsby@theburn247.com for more information.

In Revelation 4-5, God's throne is described as being surrounded by elders worshiping, and they held harps (musical outpourings) and bowls filled with an incense that was 'the prayers of the saints.' Intercession is a huge portion of what we do at the Burn. God doesn't move on the earth unless we willingly choose to partner with Him, so as we intercede we are able to press in and prayerfully unlock things spiritually and bring forth a measure of heaven to earth physically.  An hour of intercession may sound like a long time, but we have tools and resources that will help guide you and that hour will go by so quickly! If you or anyone you know would like to set aside a period of time at the Burn and intercede, we would love for you to contact thorsby@theburn247.com for more info!

If Jesus could experience death, victory, and new life in just 3 days, what could He do in 12 hours at the next Burn? Join us on September 25th at The Oasis in Havelock to find out!