We celebrate another month of corporately encountering the presence of God.  This month we met at Garber UMC Ministry Center with a diverse line up of worship teams leading musical worship for 12 continuous hours.  We also had intercessors throughout the night and various artists painting what the Lord put on their heart.  We always have behind-the-scenes workers like shift leaders, sound techs and logistics servants holding the fort down so others can operate freely without reservation.

This wasn't planned but during one of the sets, we realized we had 5 youngin's between the ages of 8-11 serving the Lord through musical worship (2 peeps) and painting (3 peeps).  This was an exciting moment as our heart for seeing multi-generational involvement goes along with our desire for multi-cultural and multi-denominational commUNITY.

Our purpose for the Burn is a priestly ministry (vertical) but by default, we are impacted by encounters with the Holy Spirit personally and corporately (horizontal).  During the night watch, a young man gave his life to the Lord after soaking for a few hours in the presence of God.  There is something special about staying through the night watch as watchmen on the walls.  It's not convenient, it's not easy but it's worth the effort as we see the fruit and atmosphere shift we're contending for.  We still had a few dozen people going for it in the wee hours of the morning!

We desire to see relationships built among those leading and engaging at the Burn to break down the walls of division, but to also be resources for each other as we dig the wells of revival deeper.  We're seeing individuals and teams stretching in their giftings as we create a place where people can freely worship and learn from each other.  In return, these people often bring that fresh fire back to their churches/ministries and stir up their local expression!  We love it!

Jump in!  Interesting in serving?  Email thorsby@theburn247.com and let us know what God is putting on your heart!