“Look how good and how pleasant it is
when brothers live together in unity!
It is like precious oil on the head,
descending to the beard—
even to Aaron’s beard—
and flowing down to the edge of his robes.
It is like the dew of Hermon
falling on Zion’s mountains.
For there the LORD commanded his blessing—
life everlasting.” Psalm 133
We often talk about the “commanded blessing” of the Lord on our lives, rarely do we stop to think about what that means for us as believers. If we take the time to search scripture we see that commanded blessing comes as a direct result of UNITY. Unity is perfectly displayed in the God head. God the father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit give us the perfect example of what unity looks like. They are perfectly in one accord, perfectly honoring to one another, and they work in perfect unison together. If we use the example of unity from the Lord, we find all the small things that could pull us apart fade into the distance and we have supernatural grace on our lives to work together. One practical way that God is building unity in Craven county is through the Burn. It may seem like a small sacrifice of just 12 hours out of each month to practice this important skill for building our “commanded blessing” but already we are seeing and hearing of amazing testimonies from peoples lives being radically changed through Burn New Bern. In February 2015 we met at East Coast Church in Newport and had over 100 people from over 12 different ministries represented throughout the night. Even in the wee small hours of the morning we had quite a few people that were still worshiping, soaking, and seeking God together. The last hour, we had a group of 16 people still worshiping with us as we took time to have communion together (with some unconventional elements like Dr. Pepper and random bread rolls), and pray for individuals and churches in the area for power in destroying walls we have put up in the church.

If you are looking to expand the “commanded blessing” on your life come and join us as we build commUNITY together on March 27th from 7pm to 7am at Breath of God International Outreach!