Hello Fiery Jesus Lovers!

What an exciting season we're in!!! Today is the National Day of Prayer and it's so encouraging to see people INTENTIONALLY gathering to unify in prayer. What a privilege we have in the United States of America to have the freedom to worship with various expressions. Those freedoms came at a cost so it's imperative for us to lift up the leaders of our country and military members as they make decisions that impact our daily lives!

The Lord is really stirring us in tent ministry in this season. We'll keep pursuing that until He tells us otherwise. We're excited to have The Father's Tent (Mission Xtreme) set up in Cove City for a local prayer gathering while The Jesus Tent (Ignite Ministries) is set up for a regional gathering in Greenville, NC on this National Day of Prayer. The Jesus Tent will be hosting 80 hours of continuous worship and prayer starting today as leaders from all over our region unify to offer an incense of praise... simply because HE IS WORTHY! We encourage you to get engaged as God is moving us to higher heights and deeper depths in this season.

We need you to pray with us! Sign up to take your watch with the Craven24Seven prayer initiative. We can't do this without you!!!
Upcoming Events:
May 4th - (6:30pm) - National Day of Prayer with Mission Xtreme (Cove City, NC)
May 4-7th - Ignite Greenville @ The Jesus Tent ...
Regional gathering hosted by (Ignite Ministries & Burn Greenville) (Greenville, NC)
May 8th - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
May 15th - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
May 22nd - (6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
May 26th - No 4th Fri Burn - Put all resources towards Ignite Greenville
May 26th - Michael & Sara Thorsby (Burn Directors) 10yr Anniversary
May 29th - No BCG
Jun 23rd - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)
Jul 28th - No 4th Fri Burn - Global Summit!!!
Jul 27-29th - Burn 24-7 Global Burn Summit (Leaders) @ Life Church (Washington, PA)
Aug 25th - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)
Sept 1-3rd - Regional Burn Summit (Leaders) @ The Refuge
Sept 22nd - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)
Oct 6-9 - Awaken The Dawn - 50 Tent City @ National Mall (DC)
Oct 27th - No 4th Fri Burn - Joining forces with The Drop
Oct 26-28th - The Drop/Presence Pioneers (Raleigh, NC)
Nov 24th - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)
Dec 22nd - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)

On the radar with Mission Xtreme:
Clemson, SC (Firehouse Prayer & Revival Hub)
Bayboro, NC (Pamlico County) - Pamlico Lighthouse Ministries & Farm 

See current schedule and event details at Burn New Bern and Facebook sites.
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A plethora of time, talents and treasures are invested to organize and host Burn gatherings. If you feel led to sow into this ministry, donations are certainly welcome!

Raise up the harvesters!!!

Michael Thorsby

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