Hello Fiery Remnant!

Thanks to those who engaged with us for our Burn last month at Restoration Church. It's amazing to watch the vision of Burn 24-7 unfold as worship leaders, musicians and vocalists collaborate to release a unified offering of praise to the Lord... simply because HE IS WORTHY!!! We love knowing that others are engaging with us in prayer and worship as they come and go throughout the extended worship time. As I was on the stage leading, I was encouraged as I heard an angelic voice from the back of the room crying out to God. It was a reminder that we don't need a stage or microphone to worship. It's awesome when our secret place time overflows into the public place!!!

Here's a few updates:

Phenomenon 2018 - (Raleigh, NC) If you haven't already registered, DO IT NOW! This is a great opportunity for people in our region (and beyond) to engage corporately in a unified effort! The conference dates are Feb 23-24th. The Burn Directors and some of our team members will be gathering beforehand for a regional summit. We welcome your prayers as we get fueled up for the mission(s) at hand!

David's Tent, DC - (Washington, DC) "Day Beyond The Dawn" - NC is collaborating to cover David's Tent, DC for an entire week Mar 19-25th. We need worship leaders, shift leaders, intercessors...etc. If interested, email thorsby@theburn247.com and we will forward additional information from the state coordinator to get you connected.

Kingdom Culture Conference - (Redding, CA) Some of our Burn Directors are gathering at this conference with additional training from Bethel leaders on Jun 20th-22nd. We'll also be gathering at Sean Feucht's house for a Directors gathering for those who can attend in lieu of a Global Summit this year. This tribe operates as a family and it's quite refreshing. Please pray for those attending to get blasted with vision for the coming season(s). Michael & Sara are hoping to attend to represent BNB if time off of work, finances, & childcare work out.

Hillside Intensive - (Raleigh, NC) Are you willing to invest one week of your life to get trained up in areas that you're passionate about? Consider jumping in with these guys Jun 24th-Jul 1st to partner with others who are like-minded!

ATD Tent America (Raleigh, NC) - Please mark your calendars and make every effort to engage with this Sep 27th-29th. In 2017 we gathered 50+ tents representing every state on the National Mall in DC, with thousands of people lifting up an incense of praise throughout the extended weekend. In 2018, we're raising a tent in the capital of every state. More details to come...

Thorsby Band (Michael & Sara Thorsby) - The Thorsby band is ready to release some new music with Burn DNA! We need your help! Some of the spontaneous tracks we recorded at Barton College with Jordan Lane, Derrick Stalnaker & James Berry are currently being tweaked, mixed and mastered at PureMix Studios. We'll also be working with Disc Makers and CDBaby again for post-production and promo stuff to share with the world! We've launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the immediate expenses while also giving the opportunity for others to sow into the larger vision of TJ's. The Thorsby Band primarily funds the vision, mission and all branches of TJ's (including ministry branches like Burn 24-7 New Bern). Up to this point, we haven't received any personal financial gain, income or salary from any of these adventures over the last decade as we've chosen to invest back into our community instead. Eventually that will change when these branches are self-sufficient so we can pay bills AND support paid staff!

Fiery Remnant Ministries - We're in the process of separating some of the ministry branches of TJ's (including Burn 24-7 New Bern) to our recently formed hub called Fiery Remnant Ministries. The website is still under constrution as we attempt to give language to what we're doing and we're also in the process of establishing it as a 501C3. These shifts will allow us to accept tax-deductible donations for ministry-specific portions of our mission, which will reduce the burden on TJ's as well as build structure for anticipated future growth. We welcome your prayers for clarity, financial provision and all the behind-the-scenes logistics taking place to establish this ministry with excellence!

If you're spending extended time in prayer and/or worship individually or corporately for at least one hour, we encourage you to log that time by signing up on Craven24Seven so we can get a visual of the coverage in our area. Sign up HERE! We're more powerful together!!! Engage with us on our Craven24Seven facebook page to help spread the word! We've had people sign up here and there throughout the last few years but we're looking for some consistent prayer warriors to rise up. We've had months where we covered 1,000 hours over a 40 day time span but many months where it's just a few of us covering 20-30 hours per month total. Every hour makes a difference so we appreciate those that are willing to commit!
Upcoming Events:
Feb 22nd-23rd - Burn 24-7 Mid-Atlantic Regional Summit (Raleigh, NC)
Feb 23rd-24th - Phenomenon 2018 (Raleigh, NC)
Feb 24th - No 4th Sat Burn 24-7 New Bern - engage with Phenomenon 2018
Mar 19th-25th - NC Collaboration @ David's Tent, DC (Washington, DC)
Mar 24th - No 4th Sat Burn 24-7 New Bern - engage with David's Tent, DC
Apr 28th - (7pm-11pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (TBD) (5-7pm Food/Fellowship)
May 26th - No 4th Sat Burn 24-7 New Bern - Thorsby Anniversary in HI
Jun 20th-22nd - (Bethel Church) Kingdom Culture Conference (Redding, CA)
Jun 23rd - No 4th Sat Burn 24-7 New Bern - engage in Redding or Raleigh!
Jun 24th-Jul 1st - (Hope Chapel) Hillside Intensive (Raleigh, NC)
Jul 28th - (9am-9pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (TBD)
Aug 25th - (9am-9pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (TBD)
Sep 22nd - (9am-9pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (TBD)
Sep 27th-29th - ATD Tent America (Raleigh, NC)
Oct 27th - (9am-9pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (TBD)
Nov 24th - (9am-9pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (TBD)
Dec 22nd - (9am-9pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (TBD)
*See full event schedules at each respective site since times/venues may change!

See current schedule and event details at Burn 24-7 New Bern and Facebook sites.
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A plethora of time, talents and treasures are invested to organize and host Burn gatherings. If you feel led to sow into this ministry, donations are welcome!

Open up the heavens!!!

Michael Thorsby (Burn 24-7 New Bern Director)

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